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a force of nature

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Hi! I’m Hydee and I feel like I have already lived a thousand lives in this one lifetime. Growing up in 70’s in California and Texas as the product of divorced parents, I began questioning life early as to what I was doing here on this planet. Thankfully, I had and have a deep connection with Source and all of Mother Nature which helped me get through so much of this funny thing we call “Life!”


I am a rebel at heart and as I learned the systems we have built around us, I began to question everything and ask the bigger question…Why?! Wondering who made this game, why we have to go to school, go to work, believe a certain religion, have laws and rules to tell us what to do, made me rebel even more. I was taught (programmed) to be the “good girl” and to be seen, but not heard from my mother, yet my father reminded me that women are just as powerful as men...interesting subconscious programming!


Like most of us, I forgot who I truly was as I embraced what this world taught us that was important until none of it made any sense whatsoever. Even having a master's degree in counseling psychology only partially helped and in my early 30s, I knew something was deeply missing. According to our Western culture, I had it all! I was a captain/paramedic in the fire department, married, two kids, beautiful house, traveling, plenty of money, and lots of great friends and family. My dad told me I would be happy once I attained all of this, yet I was miserable! Nothing made sense.


So, my life unraveled and I dove into understanding myself through many healing therapies which led to my deeper questioning. This led me to questioning my subconscious beliefs and everything I was ever taught in this world which destroyed my foundation opening me up to life, love, and a new way of seeing the world! I found a whole new world out there that most of us don’t even know exists and that I had forgotten as a child.


What an experience this life on Earth is! Everyday, I live like a child in awe and wonder as I uncover deeper levels of truth when another level of truth opens up. I realize that I truly know nothing. 



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Honoring those teachers and authors who inspired me

Bruce Lipton

Don Miguel Ruiz

Eckhart Tolle

Barbara Marciniak

Michael Dake

Tom Kenyon

Joan Ocean

Penny Kelly

Mother Nature

Joseph Campbell

Michael Rhoads

Abraham Hicks

Neville Goddard

Dolphins and Whales

Jain 108

Viktor Schauberger

Walter Russell

Lisa Denning

Ted Andrews

Linda Shay

Tanis Helliwell

Norma Milanovich

"We must look into unknown dimensions, into Nature, into that incalculable and imponderable life, whose carrier and mediator, the blood of the Earth that accompanies us steadfastly from the cradle to the grave, is water." 

                                             ~Viktor Schauberger

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