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Hold the Light!

As I write this, the world feels like we are at a tipping point. Mars conjuncts Uranus tomorrow which tends to be about unexpected and fiery changes. It will also be 1/20/2021 which is a palindrome (the numbers are the same forwards and backwards) and seems to be a point of the past and future collapsing in on itself leaving only the present. Fascinating, when you stand back and be the observer of these energies, yet intense and crazy making if you come from the standpoint of your mind.

We are truly masters who have come here to experience this planet Earth to help humanity evolve. Many of us have forgotten why we came, but more of us are remembering our mission. When we connect to our heart space, we know and there is a peace within. In the coming days and weeks, put your hand on your heart and just connect within. Breathe and ask for help. Ask to be shown what you need to do/be.

There is no going back as we have been changed by all going on. This is an exciting time as all that hasn’t been working in the world with power over others and service to the self will collapse in on itself. The energies of Mother Earth will no longer support the old paradigm as she is evolving and inviting us to come along with her. It is time for power with others and serving the greater good without denying our needs.

The last few weeks when I get quiet inside, I hear, “Hold the Light.” The Arcturians are very present and working in our favor. I know there is much going on that we cannot see or are not privy to, yet we can shine the light that we are. We can stand in the light knowing that is our true nature, holding it for those to remember who they truly are. Stay in the frequency of pure love.

Keep up the good work and trust that we have so much help from benevolent ETs, our higher selves, and the greater Source of all. We are creating this new world, so vision how you want to truly live!


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