Star Cluster


a force of nature

“Everything is listening . . .

Are you?” 


~Hydee Tehana


Hi! I’m Hydee and I feel like I have already lived a thousand lives in this one lifetime. Growing up in 70’s in California and Texas as the product of divorced parents, I began questioning life early as to what I was doing here on this planet. Thankfully, I had and have a deep connection with Source and all of Mother Nature which helped me get through so much of this funny thing we call “Life!”




I have always seen life from a different point of view which is way “outside the box” that most of us live in. Feeling guided by Source to get myself out into the world and to share what I know, I have published these books to help others remember that there is a different way to be and to live in this amazing world. As I healed myself from life’s traumas, I began to fully embody my true energy signature and essence. These books are my gifts to the world. May you enjoy!


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I enjoy speaking to a live crowd or to those online whether it is a specific topic or many topics. My “out of the box” type thinking and inner rebel has propelled me, with guidance from Source, to share what I know from a different perspective. My talks on a variety of topics will inspire and motivate those who want to hear another way of being in the world!

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Many people are seeking guidance on what to do next with their lives as there is so much uncertainty and unknown as we shift paradigms. The old ways of being in this world just don’t work anymore and it is time to remember why you incarnated! A journey of self-discovery is the most important journey we will ever make and is a gift to the self and the world. Just by changing your perspective, you begin to change along with your outer world.

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With a package of sessions, we can dive in and begin to uncover whatever it is that you need help with. We can look at your current story and begin to design your optimal story by identifying and removing old patterns, blockages, and traumas that you may not realize are impacting your life. This is your commitment to you and I will guide you in helping you get back to your true essence. 



Expanding Consciousness and Dolphins Seminar:

MAY 8th to 14th, 2021

Kona, Hawaii


I was inspired to co-produce these classes with Source to help us in moving into the next paradigm as there is so much unknown in the world right now. We are going through a huge shift in all aspects of our lives. These classes will help to expand and evolve your consciousness while taking you to the next level if you choose. Ready to dive in?



Our world is shifting so quickly and the old ways of being in this world are causing many of us to be in uncertainty and unknown of what is next for us. Is that you?

What an exhilarating place to be in and can be scary, too! Welcome to exploring the truth of who you are.

This heralds a great time being in the unknown. It is a stepping off point where you can dive in deeper into the unknown by taking the next best feeling step. Trust your heart as it is guiding you every step of the way.

You are not alone and you have lots of help!