a force of nature


Exploring Consciousness with Dolphins and the Power of Sound



With Hydee Tehana and Lisa Denning


Exploring consciousness with Dolphins, Sound, Energy, and much more…

August 8th-14th, 2021

Kona, Hawaii


Are the dolphins calling you to be here? We would love to be with you!


Our world is going through a paradigm shift which is why there seems to be so much chaos happening. This affects our mind and body immensely as our vibration is shifting with more light streaming onto the planet. It is a powerful time to come to Hawaii to be with the dolphins as they have many messages for humanity and fill our hearts with joy. Dolphins are masters of sound and vibration and they are reminding us of the power of sound. Being in the island energy will help you to relax and rejuvenate your heart and soul while bathing in the beauty of nature.


We will swim with them during the day and then in the evenings, we will come together with teachings, discussions, and meditations that will deepen our connections to the dolphins, our awareness, and consciousness. This week long seminar allows us to experience heart-centered communication, access the expanded awareness of group consciousness, and practice personal mastery skills to live in a multiverse reality of unlimited potential. We are remembering who we really are.


We live in a fascinating universe where truth is stranger than fiction. Some topics covered will be: dolphin communication, consciousness, the power of sound and vibration, the nature of reality, plasma energy, language of energy, sacred geometry, and multidimensionality intermixed with our Galactic friends. With the dolphins as our guides, we will play in higher dimensional consciousness and experience our core essence without the confines of space and time.


Price: $1777


Includes: 4 exclusive mornings with the dolphins from a boat, afternoon/evening teachings, beach day, cosmic journeys, and meditations. Air fare, accommodations, and transportation are not included.

HOW TO REGISTER/More Information: Email Lisa Denning at lisa@lisadenning.com 

To see more information on Lisa Denning's website: http://lisadenning.com/seminars/