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Connecting the Land and the Sea

Connecting the Land and the Sea

With Hydee Tehana and Lisa Denning

Connecting with Mother Nature…both on the Land and the Sea

February 4-9, 2024 and/or February 11-16, 2024

Kona, Hawaii


So much is happening as we create our new magical Earth reality and on this Hawaii retreat, we will be bridging the land and the sea together. The dolphins hold a rainbow auric field and are asking us to bring the ocean’s energy to the land and the land’s energy to the ocean through a rainbow bridge. In the Hawaiian language, the land is known as the A’ina and the sea is known as Kai.


This is an exceptional time to come to Hawaii to be with the dolphins and whales as they have many messages for humanity and fill our hearts with joy. Being in the island energy will help you to relax and rejuvenate your heart and soul while bathing in the beauty of nature. The humpback whales will be here during this time as they play, dance, mate, relax, and birth their young in these waters. These amazing beings hold the history of this Earth and carry a powerful yet, gentle wisdom within.


We will come together with teachings, discussions, and meditations that will deepen our connections to the land and the sea. We will be on the boat for 3 of the days and will swim with our ocean friends. On 2 of the days, we will be at our farm, TeHana Ohana, where we will connect with the land, trees, animals, elementals, etc… This week long seminar allows us to experience many activations, heart-centered communication, access the expanded awareness of group consciousness, and practice personal mastery skills to live in a multiverse reality of unlimited potential.


Some topics covered will be: how Mother Nature communicates with us, expanding our consciousness, the nature of reality, the power of our imagination, and our multidimensional nature. With the Mother Nature as our guide, we will play in higher dimensional consciousness and experience our core essence without the confines of space and time.


Price: $1777


Includes: 3 boat trips including 2 exclusive mornings with the cetaceans and our ocean friends, 1 evening boat trip/swim with the Manta Rays, 2 days on our land (TeHana Ohana), teachings/discussions, beach day, meditations, and sharings. Not included: Air fare, accommodations, transportation, and some meals.

HOW TO REGISTER/More Information: Email Lisa Denning at or Hydee Tehana at 


To see more information on Lisa Denning's website:

Deposit to hold your spot: $500

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Bimini Dolphin Retreat

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Bimini Dolphin Retreat


With Hydee Tehana and Lisa Denning

July 21-27th, 2024 and/or July 28-Aug 3rd, 2024

Bimini, Bahamas

The Power of the Mind with the Knowing of the Heart


The island of Bimini in the Bahamas is calling us to open our hearts and to dive deeper into the knowing of who we truly are. The beautiful dolphins will be assisting us in remembering and healing from living in this Earth reality. Everything that is not of higher resonance is being questioned and falling away as we move into higher consciousness where all is fun, easy, and magical!


What are we doing here? Why go through all the bother of existing on Earth? What are the rules of this Earth game? Do we have a choice to come here? These are all questions many of us have at some point in our lifetimes. Let’s explore together how this reality system works and how to “game the game.”


In this fun, week long retreat, we will explore the power of our mind, human imagination, creating reality, sacred geometry, listening to the knowing of our heart, trusting yourself implicitly, constructs of our reality system, and other fun topics along with meditations and sharing. It is important right now to be able to control our mind/thoughts as it is our imagination that creates our reality and it’s time for us to take responsibility for what we are creating with the knowing of our hearts.


Dive into the crystal clear warm waters of Bimini, the Bahamas, and be surrounded by the Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins. These pods are some of the most social and playful dolphins on Earth. Come explore the famous Bimini Road while seeing some of the beautiful reefs that surround this magical island. Dolphins are some of the most intelligent beings here on the planet and are helping remind us who we really are. Many activations and rememberings often take place.


This will be a 7 day trip where we will spend 5 days in the water, swimming alongside the dolphins. We will have time for sharing, meditations, and classes that will further our expansion of consciousness. Dolphins are some of the greatest teachers who lead us into exploring various realms of consciousness. We will experience music of 432 hertz, sound healing meditations, and dive into more joyful ways of being. This is held at WildQuest Retreat Center which has delicious food, accommodations, healers, boat, and a great crew.


Join Lisa and Hydee on a journey of a lifetime as we continue to weave our new reality with the dolphins and our powerful human imagination. Space is limited and these retreats fill up quickly.


Price: $2711


Includes: 6 nights accommodations (one night at a hotel in Florida, 5 nights at WildQuest Retreat), all meals except for one night out in Bimini, and all program costs. 5 boat trips to be with the Dolphins.


Not included: Flights to Florida and to and from Bimini, one meal out in Bimini. (To make it easy for our group, there is an optional travel package for $527/person which covers: transport from hotel in Ft. Lauderdale to Ft. Lauderdale airport, roundtrip flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini, and all transportation on the island to and from the retreat center. We will all be flying together this way). More details when registering.


Deposit required to hold your space: $555 (non-refundable due to international payments). Please inquire about travel insurance. Remaining payments of $1111 due January 1, 2024 and $1045 due March 1, 2024.


Retreat Dates: July 21-27, 2024 (week 1) and/or July 28-August 3, 2024 (week 2)


Please contact LISA for more information at or go to or  


This popular retreat will fill quickly. Looking forward to seeing you!

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