a force of nature


I was inspired to co-produce these classes with Source to help us in moving into the next paradigm as there is so much unknown in the world right now. We are going through a huge shift in all aspects of our lives. These classes will help to expand and evolve your consciousness while taking you to the next level if you choose. Ready to dive in?


The Nature of Reality

Diving into Plasma, Consciousness, and more...

June 29, 2021 3-6 PM HST

Join me for an online Zoom class that will expand your consciousness as we explore the nature of reality from a basis of plasma energy. The old Newtonian energy is of the old paradigm and we are stepping into a space based energy called plasma energy which will shift our world immensely. Other topics to be discussed will be time travel, timelines, teleportation, and multidimensionality.

Welcome to the Cosmos


Are you curious about your connections to the stars? We come from the stars and the galactic community is inviting us to reconnect with them. We are in the middle of making a huge leap in consciousness and it is important to understand our galactic history. By meeting our ancestors, we can begin to make the journey back into ourselves and discover our galactic roots. 


Are you ready to expand your consciousness? If so, let’s jump in! This class is over 2 hours of information and experiences with the Galactic community. $44

Click on the video/picture to watch a preview and to buy the class. 


Plasma, Time, and Multidimensionality


Ever want to understand how everything around you was created? Are you wanting to co-create with Source from a conscious level instead of having reality just happen to you? Do you want to expand your consciousness and evolve? 


You chose to be here at this time as we are shifting paradigms and reconstructing our reality. Do you want to get a jump on how these concepts can take you to the next level? Let’s dive into Consciousness, Plasma, Time, and Multidimensionality!


This class is one and ½ hours of mind-expanding information. $44

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Awakening the Power Within:

3 Classes $144 total or $48/each


The Universe is inviting you to step into your power. Are you ready to develop your inner authority and to step into your power? With this 3 part series of classes, you will be able to see what is holding you back from evolving past old blocks,  beliefs, and fears. You will be able to remove limitations and become more open. 


Knowing, instead of believing, will become your center where to draw from as you learn about the nature of reality and rules of the game. These 3 classes will accelerate the development of your consciousness if you so desire. 


These classes are almost 3 and ½ hours of powerful information. Click on the video to buy the class and watch a preview.