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Our Super Star...The Sun

I have so much appreciation for our Sun and all it gives us. Without the Sun, there would be no plants, trees, animals, or humans. This planet would be much different without the love and light that our beautiful Sun provides us every day.

The indigenous people knew how the Sun provided for them. They honored and respected the Sun, giving thanks to it. Staring at the Sun at different times during the day (especially at sunset and sunrise), provided their bodies with energy and infrared light that was needed for their cells to function properly. This infrared light recharges our cells with negative ions which helps our blood flow, releases toxins, and clears the way for our connection to the Godhead (or Source).

Why is it that in this modern day that we live in, do many of us stay indoors? Why have many of us become scared of the Sun? Why do we slather on chemicals on our skin to keep the Sun out? Why are our skies sprayed with chemicals to keep the Sun out? Why do many dermatologists tell us to stay out of the Sun or we will get skin cancer?

Is this true?

I ponder this question as I remember when I was a kid in the 1970’s in Southern California, we never used sunscreen. If we did use something, it was like an olive oil and many seemed to slather this on their skin, becoming golden brown. There were not these harsh sunblock type chemicals and there was no talk of skin cancer from the Sun. If we had too much Sun, we would go inside, put a cover-up on, or hat on. Simple.

Have we become that disconnected from our Sun and our planet that we have forgotten that both the Sun and the Earth together brings us everything we need? It was in the world wars where we began experimenting with chemicals and still are. What did we do before chemicals? Why was cancer never even mentioned until the 1920’s? How did we farm organically before?

We didn’t plant all one field with one crop as we planted many crops in one field for diversity and keeping plants healthy as insects only come to compromised crops with low nutrients. This is their role, just as a mosquito will only bite someone with a compromised immune system, leaving healthy people alone.

The Sun brings us light which is the provider of life for us and this planet. Look at how the trees and plants use photosynthesis to feed themselves with this light. Plasma energy is showing us how we take in 20% of our energy from food and the other 80% comes from the environment around us. Those that are breatharians know that they can feed themselves with plasma energy from the Sun, Earth, and the space around them.

One day, I decided to talk to the Sun before sunset and I introduced myself asking the Sun if it had a name. I listened and heard immediately that the Sun’s name was “El Sol.” It felt masculine to me and I wondered if it was telling me that it was connected to the soul as “El Sol” means “the soul” in Spanish. Listening more, I asked if “El Sol” wanted to tell me anything.

Immediately I heard, “Do not be afraid of me. I bring light to your planet.”

We continued our conversation as I asked questions and this began my deeper relationship with “El Sol.” I blow him kisses when I feel him wanting to talk to me. There is a deep love and appreciation there.

I invite you to connect with the Sun and establish your own relationship with it. Everything is conscious and alive and wanting a connection with us. Everything is wanting to know how to work in harmony together and it is the humans who have been cut off from the connection to the whole. Send the Sun love and appreciation from your heart for all it does for us.

The Sun is currently going through many changes as the Stars of solar systems do. There are cycles that are decades long to 12,068 years long where the Sun cleanses itself which is called a “Solar sneeze.” This is also known as a micronova.

Spend 20 or 30 minutes in the Sun every day and ask the Sun to fill you with the energy you need. Then, ask your body to take in what it needs and discard the rest. I also do this when I am in the Sun for a couple hours and ask for the Sun to not burn me. You would be surprised how often this works!

Lastly, truth is stranger than fiction and people have been noticing interesting things coming from our sun that look like spaceships in and around it. Perhaps it is not as we believe it to be and some say that our Sun is actually a portal. One thing I know for sure is that the Sun is a conscious and an alive being!


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