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a force of nature


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I enjoy speaking to a live crowd or to those online whether it is a specific topic or many topics. My “out of the box” type thinking and inner rebel has propelled me, with guidance from Source, to share what I know from a different perspective. My talks on a variety of topics will inspire and motivate those who want to hear another way of being in the world!

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With a package of sessions, we can dive in and begin to uncover whatever it is that you need help with. We can look at your current story and begin to design your optimal story by identifying and removing old patterns, blockages, and traumas that you may not realize are impacting your life. This is your commitment to you and I will guide you in helping you get back to your true essence. 

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Many people are seeking guidance on what to do next with their lives as there is so much uncertainty and unknown as we shift paradigms. The old ways of being in this world just don’t work anymore and it is time to remember why you incarnated! A journey of self-discovery is the most important journey we will ever make and is a gift to the self and the world. Just by changing your perspective, you begin to change along with your outer world.



Upcoming Seminars:

Hawaii 2022

Mexico 2023

Bimini 2023


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