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A World in Chaos

Chaos seems to rule our planet Earth these days and many people are noticing all over the world. We are feeling the intensity of the energies and the insanity all around us. Many of us are wondering what is going on and how we got here. Our basic foundations of our beliefs systems are coming into question.

You are not alone and there are many explanations as to what we are all feeling.

Some of you may know about the Schumann Resonance which is a measurement of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. It is typically around 7.83, but has been off the charts the last few years going up to 30, 50, and much higher at times. This energy affects everyone and everything on the planet. The Schumann Resonance is known as the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Well, there is more besides just the Schumann Resonance spikes. We also have incoming solar flares from our Sun which is impacting us as well. Our Sun is close to the 12,068 year cycle where it will have what is like a “solar sneeze” and get rid of all it has accumulated over the last cycle. This is called a Micro Nova and Doug Vogt has written a lot about this as well as other scientists predicting devastating results for those of us on the surface of the Earth. We are very close to the end of this cycle.

What else is affecting us in regards to the energies? There is the looming pole shift and crazy weather patterns. We also have Earth changes from the Grand Solar Minimum which we just entered a couple years ago where the Earth will begin to cool for the next 30-300 years. Time for us to pay attention to what is going on from a deeper level.

Astrologically, we also have been in the same planetary cycles that we were in during the Civil War and other periods of civil unrest. Also, remember the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012? This was the end of a 25,860 year cycle that was given to the Mayans from the Pleiadians. This is the end of a paradigm and the beginning of a new one. The prediction is that we are coming into a 2,000 year period of peace. Yay!

And no, you are not crazy.

You wanted to be here during this time!


So, we are in a paradigm shift where all the belief systems and constructs of our reality system are up for reconfiguration. We are posed to make a huge leap in consciousness and to redo everything in our reality from our sciences to our schools to our governments to our financial worlds and more. It is time for us to awaken from our deep slumber, stop being victims, and step into our power.

Really, we are being asked if we want to evolve our consciousness or perish on an energetic level. The chaos that surrounds us is our system in flux. The old system has to fall away as competition and elitism is not supported in this new paradigm. The new paradigm is about cooperation and working together. It is about nurturing what we are good at and our passions as we are all needed. Our future depends on it!


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