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The Phoenix Rises Again

Fascinating times, right? You may think that I am crazy for finding these times of chaos and destruction…fascinating.

And really, why not look at it from a different perspective? What is happening in our world?

We are going through the destruction of our world as the old ways of “doing life” no longer work because they were not built on a system of cooperation, light, love, and the best for all. Our system has been one of “survival of the fittest,” competition, greed, and he who has the most…wins. Our democratic system currently in place is full of corruption everywhere you look, from our governments to law to medicine to education to science to financial and on and on.

Why did this happen?

We stopped paying attention to the system and who was running it. Those who wanted power and money became our leaders and law makers while we were busy working, being entertained, and trusting what they said. We stopped asking questions and knowing how to think. Everything they told us, we believed. Why would the people in power lie to us? What do they have to gain?

They are basically the fox in the hen house while the farmer sleeps.

Yet, there is hope.

We are awake now.

We see how broken our world is.

There is no going back.

So, what do you want to create? Democracy didn’t work (and look at how the first part of democracy is much like demon…just saying), but we gave it our best shot. How do you want to live? I know that I want to live in a society that is free, cooperative, loving, evolving our consciousness, and cares about everyone involved.

We can have that.

Imagine it.

Think outside the box.

Let’s take a look at one part of the system.

What about an education system that was multifaceted, teaching you how to think and not what to think? How about one where there were no grades and taught to all ways of learning. What if we had an education system that encouraged your passions including art, music, science, nutrition, growing food, intuition, building, expanding consciousness, and much more. What if being a teacher was one of the most honored places in our society?

Teachers teach our young that will someday, be the ones in charge.

There is nothing to fear, people.

You came here for this time.


You are part of a bigger team from many places in the cosmos who came here to help humanity evolve. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy and you cared about the betterment of all life in the cosmos. You now know that you are not alone and that there are many of us working on the foundation of this new system. Our missions are now being activated and we are remembering.

It is okay to grieve what we had and it is okay to be excited about how we will be living. Out of destruction and chaos, rises the new. Have you ever lost everything and had to start over? I have done this 3 times now.

Each time, I get wiser, stronger, and more trusting that I am always taken care of.

The good ole’ USA is coming apart at the seams and we have put bandaids on everything. Our governments and law system are corrupt and too far gone. It is time to get your communities together and work as a local region, gathering what you need and how you want to govern yourselves. It is time to start over and create again.

As things continue to fall apart, take care of yourself first. Make sure you have the supplies, medicines, food, etc.. of what you need if the big “box” stores stop supplying globally. Get to know how to get things locally and get to know your neighbors. Do you know how to grow your own food, make laundry soap, toothpaste, sew clothes, cook, build things, fix things, etc…?

This isn’t time to panic, but to prepare you for being able to care for yourself, your family, and neighbors. The time of big corporations running the world is dying a slow death. Fascism is coming to an end as our governments became for the corporations instead of for the people. Mom and Pop stores will be coming back and thriving.

What is your passion?

What can you make or how can you contribute?

These are exciting and unknown times.

We are co-creating this together.

What if we had homes where they put out frequencies that made us feel good because they were built with sacred geometry? What if we used sound frequencies to heal ourselves instead of chemicals? What if there are new sciences out there called plasma science that shows us our connection to Spirit through consciousness instead of the separation of Newtonian science? What if we looked at the whole instead of dividing out everything into separate parts?

It is here, people.

New science for a new paradigm.

Take a deep breath.

Let’s create a beautiful world.

We are beginning to create Heaven on Earth.

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