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Being Sovereign

Listening to an interview on YouTube today, I am reminded how we humans are ruled over by those few that are in power. They were talking about the queen possibly stepping down and then they mentioned that there was a line of kings that should take their place as the rulers.

Hearing this, my whole being screamed against this as I couldn’t even imagine another group of people telling us what is right and wrong. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do and making laws for their benefit, accruing all the money and power.

I am over it!

I came into this world questioning everything and it upset many, but much of society didn’t make sense to me. I am a total rebel at heart and work for the good of all humankind. You might say that I am a “Robin Hood,” of sorts, but it’s deeper than that. I am a system buster.

Are you?

Are we done with having to have someone or something to look up to? Can we look within and find within ourselves the deeper truths, knowing that looking outside ourselves will always disappoint us? I have heard that we were programmed to look outside ourselves for something to worship, yet that just feels like a copout to me.

Is it truly just giving away our power?

You bet it is.

I am ruler over myself and intend to be sovereign within myself. I do not want anyone telling me who I am, how to be, or how to act. I am standing in my sovereignty and take responsibility for my actions.

Now, I realize you may be thinking that society will go nuts if we have no government, parliament, or governing body and that we are all ruling ourselves. Yet, consider this…

What if we had a Council of Ethics or Elders that was small group made up of the community. What if we had these in our towns and they were transparent on how they worked? Think "outside the box" for a moment. We would need to begin teaching compassion and caring for each other again instead of “every man for himself.” Our young children already remember how to care and love each other for it is our dysfunctional society, teachers, and parents who begin to indoctrinate this out of them.

The children are truly our teachers.

Our current governments are in trouble because of lack of transparency and they have grown too large into every aspect of our lives. They have become corrupt and want total control. Are you ready to become sovereign over yourself or do you want to have someone else tell you what to do? You already know what is right and wrong just by how things feel in our body. If someone does not act out of integrity, could we surround them with love the way some African tribes do reminding them how loved they are? Are you ready to expand your consciousness in other ways of being?

Are we ready to be sovereign over ourselves?

I know I am!

It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves once again and what we put out there. Ready to stop being a victim? It is time for us to act from our hearts with compassion and empathy instead of our heads with no moral compass looking for the quick buck. It’s time for us to advance our consciousness and join our galactic community. It’s time for us to remember how powerful we are and to become sovereign within ourselves.

It's time to pay attention.

It’s time to take our power back, people!

Become sovereign within yourself!


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