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Imagination is Everything!

My favorite place to be is imagining what it is like on other worlds, deep down in the ocean, or what it would be like to fly. There are really thousands of other favorite places for me to be, but imagination is really where it is all at. I love imagining! It is the preview of coming attractions!

I probably sound like a kid and yes, I am about the age of eight at heart. Can you remember sitting in school so bored, but you were in a whole other world? If you were lucky, the teacher didn’t call on you! And then, there were those teachers that told you to stop daydreaming and pay attention.

I even remember when my daughter was in first grade, the teacher told her to stop imagining! Really?! Kids are taught at an early age what is real or not real and they often shutdown what adults don’t validate. A whole world is lost between the ages of 3-7 years old.

Did you ever have an imaginary friend that you could see, but others couldn’t? Most of us did. This is a disservice to humanity as children of these ages are still connected to other worlds and realms and it is important for them to keep this connection. This needs to be nurtured instead of shutdown.

Imagination is everything and it creates absolutely everything in our reality. Everything! If we can imagine it, focus on it, and put more energy towards it, it will manifest in the physical. This is what plasma physics is all about.

Plasma is currents of energy that collect into particles and arrange themselves into patterns which become a three-dimensional physical form. This is the basis for creating everything and with this, there is truly no lack as it all comes from plasma currents which come from space. Space is not empty, but loaded with frequencies!

Everything is plasma within this electric and magnetic universe. Our thoughts are conscious and plasma begins to form around them as we think them over and over again until we have it manifested in the physical. Plasma currents are all around us. We are electrical beings and are an electric universe!

Plasma physics most recently have been explored by scientists like William Levengood, Gerald Pollack, Mehran Keshe, and Wallace Thornhill. They know this is the basis for free energy, anti-gravity, changing the nature of matter, the electric universe, and our electric sun. This is all bringing us one step closer to my favorite imagination past times like time travel, teleporting, instant manifestation, shapeshifting, and space travel.

There is a whole new world happening and a new type of energy is on the scene. Plasma physics explains so much and our imagination is just the beginning. Energy flows where consciousness goes!


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