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Our Inner Teacher and Healer

Do you know your own guidance system? We all have an inner teacher/healer within ourselves whether we are connected to it or not. This is our own inner compass and the greater part of ourself that is connected to Source or the great “I AM.” This is the part of ourself connected to everything that is co-creating with us.

Most of us look outside ourselves for guidance instead of looking within. By doing this, we give away our power and allow others to decide what is best for us. We all seem to do this at some point in our lives, but how do we get back to listening within?

We must listen for the inner voice that all of us have and begin to trust it.

Easier said than done as we first have to hear it and listen to its guidance. The more we listen and follow that guidance, the stronger it will come in. Ever have an urge to do something, say something, or go somewhere that doesn’t make sense to your logical mind? This is typically your inner guidance assisting you.

Did you know that the name “Jesus” actually means inner teacher/healer? This was actually a title given to someone back in the ancient days who had awakened their inner teacher/healer. They had access to their power and connection with Source because they had gone within. In fact, there were many people called “Jesus” in these days because many people had connected to their inner teacher/healer. The church took this name Jesus and made it a person with the story of a virgin birth to get people to believe in something outside themselves that would “save” them.

Fascinating, right? Don’t just take my word for it as you can find this information in the books called When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone, The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S, or History: Fiction or Science by Anatoly Fomenko. These books are an in depth look at our history that we have been taught and how the truth has been very twisted and crafted by those who have wanted to control humanity.

We could take this further as many people would say that they talk to Jesus or have seen Jesus. I don’t dispute this whatsoever as whatever we give our attention to, we create it. We, as a collective, have created a very powerful, loving being called Jesus Christ and I have seen him, too. He is one of my many guides.

Christ or Buddha consciousness means to be in alignment with the god/goddess within, the Divine, the “I AM", or Source (or many other names for God). The “I AM” wants a relationship with you and this is where our true power comes from. For now, I leave you with connecting to your own inner teacher/healer by going within and being curious.


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