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We Are Powerful Together!

Can you imagine what happens when eight billion of us get on the same page and begin creating a world together? What would happen if one million of us got together and began to create a world that we want together?

Is that even possible or are there too many of us all creating on our own? We are all in this reality together! What if we had even just one thousand of us creating a world together that we wanted?

Well, if these one thousand people were in alignment with Source, they could really get things moving. Just one person in alignment with Source is more powerful than a million that are not.

It is just that simple.

This isn’t just me making stuff up, but Abraham-Hicks said this. So, if we had one thousand people in alignment with Source that would be one billion people, right? Wild!

What does it mean to be in alignment with Source? It means that you are feeling good and following your flow of joy. You are doing what makes you happy because the Universe can meet you there, giving you what you want. If you are not in alignment, then you are not attracting what you want and the Universe cannot meet you there. You must get back into the vortex which is flowing everything you asked for.

We humans are asking for many things all the time and we need to get out of the way for Source to bring it to us. I do use Source and Universe as one in the same throughout this blog, but you could also substitute it for God or “All That Is” just the same.

When are we going to remember that we are all from Earth and to stop fighting with one another? What if we didn’t identify ourselves as from a particular country, but from planet Earth? What would happen if ETs from other worlds came here? Would we call ourselves Earthlings?

Are we ready to stop being teenagers and begin to come into our adulthood by asking ourselves, “How can I make this a better place for everyone and not just for me?” Are we ready to stop with the competition and start with cooperation? Our world is going to evolve with or without the humans as the rest of Mother Nature has been waiting on us. Are you coming with us?

Let’s remember how powerful we are by starting with ourselves and what we can control. We can stop taking things personally and stop making assumptions, first of all. We can heal our hurts and grudges. We can look fear in the face and watch it turn into a kitty cat. Once we begin to come together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine what would happen if one billion of us came together. We could re-create this reality overnight. Is this what those in power are afraid of? What do you think?


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