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We got this!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Huh? We got what?

Do you realize that all of us as a collective are creating this reality system? This reality system is the world that we are living in right now. We incarnated at this time because we are going through a massive remembering as a collective. Do you remember? Many of us have long forgotten what we are doing here. YOU readily raised your hand and volunteered to experience this Earth reality right now!

What are you talking about, Hydee?!

This is probably what you are thinking or perhaps you are feeling that I am crazy!? Well, people, I have news for you. We came here at this particular time to experience a huge paradigm shift on our planet. Many of us came here with our “team” to help make these changes as they are massive. This decade, in particular, could be quite chaotic as the old system falls away and the new one that we are creating comes in. Some of us are here helping with the tear down and others of us are here for the buildup.

We are creating our reality and everything in it. We are not victims and our thoughts truly do create our reality. It is all energy. What is it that you want to create? How do you want to live? Can you imagine a world without money? How about a world where we all do what we love to do? Imagine a world full of beauty where everything is communicating with each other. What about a world where the expansion of consciousness is the priority instead of competition and power over others?

What if we are remembering our true purpose for incarnating at this time and that is really what 2020 is all about? It is a year of getting us to reflect on what matters most and getting us to slow down. The chaos and uncertainty we feel is our old beliefs and foundations falling away. Not only are our foundations cracked, but many of them have been completely blown up!

We are searching for truth in a mixed up world where everything has been turned upside down. We are having to go within to find peace and to find our inner voice that is connected to everything. This is where we go into our hearts that connect us to our stargates of pure love. We get out of our heads that can be full of fear and we find peace within.

So, as the saying goes, “Energy flows where consciousness goes.” Where we put our attention, the energy grows exponentially. This is shown in plasma physics. As we focus on what we love and what makes us happy, the old, fearful energy will fall away and dissolve because there is no more energy keeping it in this reality. It simply ceases to exist and falls away.

Hang in there and trust that we are going in the perfect direction for all of us and we have lots of help from many realms. We got this! We are not alone and many of us are part of a team that has done this before in other reality systems. Simply put your hand on your heart and breathe deeply. Feel the connection and ask for help.

We got this!


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