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Why go to all the bother of Existing?

Just saying the name of this blog makes me giggle as it makes me think of Winnie the Pooh. He was such a wise bear who just loved his honey and often used the word “bother.” Anyways, why do we bother to exist?

I do feel that there are many levels of truth to this question and from my own experience, I know that we “bother” to exist because we want to experience life! On a grander scale, the “God” stuff that we are made of wants to experience itself through us. It gets to know itself more by what we are experiencing.

There is so much more here and we can really go down a rabbit hole talking about reality systems and expanding consciousness through those reality systems that nurture both life and death. The universe is ever-expanding and limitless with countless possibilities.

In my own experience, I have talked to my guides or light beings about my frustration of experiences and all these dramas of being human. I have asked why I picked my mother, why I picked a divorced family, why I experienced traumas causing me to have trust and abandonment issues, and on and on.

What I found is that I did this.

I picked my mother.

I picked my family.

I picked the traumas.

And then I threw a tantrum.

Yep. I threw myself energetically on the floor like a three year old. I was in total denial as my light beings told me that I picked all of this. I couldn’t wrap my head around this and part of me still wanted to be a victim. Never in my right mind, could I have imagined that I chose to experience all this hurt and suffering.

My light beings surrounded me in total love and giggled as they told me I had totally forgotten as we humans do when coming to this reality. I could feel their love and then when I asked why I would ever choose something like this they said, “Because you wanted to experience all of this.”

I sat with this insight for more than a year when it finally integrated completely into my being. I saw that there was a much bigger picture and that I was just one part of the whole. Long ago, I had forgotten that life was to be fun and full of joy. I came here to experience what it is like to be physical with all the sensuality of a physical reality. I was also on a mission, but that is another story for another blog.


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